Wednesday, September 9, 2009


OMG, I totally want to flip out right now!!! So yesterday, my old sitter, Nana, called me at work to ask if it was ok if she stopped by the new sitter's, T's, to see Lillian. Well I'm at work and I was like ok so I told Traci she would stop by and if she was interrupting to just tell her it was nap time or something. So whatever Nana stopped by and at nap time Traci told her Lillian was getting tired. What did Nana do but get her binki out and start rocking her saying to Traci "This is how I used to put her to sleep." Well Traci just lays her down considering there are 2 other kids there. So Nana realizes this and says, "well I don't want to get her used to this again so I'll put her down."

Well Traci just texted me and told me that Nana showed up at her door wanting to take Lillian for a walk. She figured Nana had called me first and said ok. Which I'm fine with Nana taking her for a walk as long as it isn't disturbing any sort of schedule that Traci has. What I don't like is Nana just showing up at her house. I mean seriously how can she think that its not rude to just show up! So I tell Traci she was fine letting her go and that I'm so sorry that Nana just showed up like that.

So this all happened while I was out in my Jeep pumping. I get inside and sit at my desk and my cell rings, it's Nana. She's calling to tell me that she thinks Lillian has a sore throat because she is acting hungry but won't drink the bottle. And that she thinks she is sick (she also did this before and I took Lillian to the pedi and she was fine just stuffed up like she is now). Umm yeah I know she has a cold, I am her mother after all, and yes Traci tells me when she thinks there is something wrong that I don't already know about. I swear to god now that her grandkids are back in school and she's back from vacation that she wants to get my new sitter (who I love) fired so she can take Lillian back!

Ugh I'm so upset with her. I wouldn't take her back there even if I needed some one to watch her! It's going to be real funny if tomorrow Nana shows up at her house and no one is there. She'll probably call and say "did you know T took Lillian some where?" And I'll be like "umm no, I have Lillian." And besides that I have given T permission to take her some where if she needs to. So far she's only gone to the hospital with her (she works there, not medical needs).

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