Thursday, August 30, 2012

Green Beans

I'll get to the green beans in a minute, but I was right!  The more I talk about her pooping the more she does!  I think we may be having a break through, but I'm not going to say it's over yet...

First let me show you how easy it is to make Green beans...

Green Beans (I used frozen, of course you could use fresh, but canned should be used as a last resort)

1. Cook beans according to package.  If using fresh, cut off the ends and steam until tender.
2. Place beans in food processing gadget of choice.  I like to use my bullet.

3. Puree until smooth.  Adding water as needed to get a consistency your child does well with.  Green beans need to be pureed a little longer than other vegetables to make sure the skins are all pureed too.  Some people like to strain them, but I find a little extra time in the blender works fine.  Some times a little extra water is needed to get it smooth.

4. Dish into containers of your choice.

5. Freeze what you don't plan to use right away.  Ice cube trays are typically one ounce.

Remember how I said this saves money?  Well here's the break down:
You can buy a case of Gerber Green Beans on line - 56oz for $20.72 (doesn't count shipping) = $0.37/oz
Earth's Best Organic Green Beans at Walmart (12 pack) - 30oz for $13.08 = $0.44/oz

Home made using frozen Great Value Green beans: 1 pkg beans $1.08
made 10oz of puree = $0.11/oz.  That's a savings of $0.26 and $0.33 / oz!  It sounds so small, but once your baby is eating 6oz per day, your saving at least $1.50 A DAY!  Plus if your little one likes them thinner, you get more from one bag or you can make them thinner if you like to add cereal for iron or something.  Plus, no preservatives!

I'm very excited to make squash and pumpkin.  They take a little more time cause I think they taste best if you bake them, but you get a lot of food from them.

Oh yeah and I don't mind licking this food off my fingers (as is habit while I'm feeding her).  If it tastes better to me, it must taste better to her.

Here's Little miss trying her beans for the first time!

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