Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Bloggity Blog

I really didn't think it had been that ling since I posted. I need to get more on top of this blogging thing...  Problem is, now I technically have 3 blogs. This one, who's original intention was to share my story on miscarraige, which turned it almost fertility problems, then pregnancy and secondary infertility and now its just generally about my life, the good and bad. I have my crafty blog which has been neglected for almost a year due to my lack of time (not that I'm not being crafty, just no time for my business or photos). And now I have my weight loss journey blog.

I can just never remember what I was going to post about when the time comes to do it. I even have pins realized I want to share. And some times as I'm typing I think "wait did I already talk about this in my last post?" Most of the time the answer is no because the post I'm thinking about was only written in my head at 5am and never made it out to my faithful followers. Seriously if I could post at 5am or in the middle of the night you'd have a post every day.

I really need to decide what to do with these blogs. I don't have enough time or topics of interest to actually post on then every day. I've thought about combining this and my weight loss blog, but that kind if changes the purpose of this blog.  Although weight loss and being healthier is a big part of my life right now, its not really baby related and the title of this blog is "dreaming of baby".

Any thoughts?  Keep them separate, combine them here, star a "newly named" blog combining them?

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