Monday, August 6, 2012

5 Months

Normally I wouldn't have true weight stats and such at 5 months, but hey she's been to the doctor twice in the last few weeks...

Height: 26.5" (I measured her myself)
Weight: 16lb 6oz (I'm pretty sure it was 16 and not 15 cause 15 would have meant she only gained 3oz in a month and I'm sure the doctor would have been a little worried about that.)

So she is still 95% for height and 82% for weight.

She has changed so much in some ways.  She can almost sit on her own, her back muscles just need a little work.  Tummy time has been hard for us since laying her on her belly usually ends with her face in a pile of spit up.  The exersaucer seems to be helping though and she loves that!  She's also learned in the last few days that she can use one arm to prop herself up while reaching with the other.

She definitely shows her emotions, especially excitement.  One afternoon she wanted nothing but to stand on my legs, but I had to make dinner.  Daddy held her while I went to get the exersaucer and I thought she was going to jump off his lap with her excitement.  Squealing and flailing her arms, it was too cute.\

She now reaches for me and pulls on my shirt when she is hungry.

Last week her reflux got bad again.  To the point she wasn't sleeping and becoming lethargic.  I was glad that my normal sitter was on vacation and she was at Traci's with Lillian.  I took her to the doctor Tuesday afternoon.  She upped her Zan.tac by .1mL and put her on another med to help her digest her food faster.  In the past the second med had been an option.  After her, for the first time, witnessing the crying and spitting up she said I needed to start it immediately.  Wednesday is when she became a little lethargic and just couldn't sleep (Monday it was lots of crying and spitting up).  So Wednesday afternoon I picked her up to see what was going on.  I was able to get her to sleep for a few hours after I got her home.  She didn't sleep well at all that night or the next.  She also hadn't had a crappy diaper.  So I stayed home with her. After giving her a bottle that was half apple juice and giving her cereal made with apple juice she finally got it out!  But then Saturday she started coming down with a cough and sneezing.  It was horrible through the night and Sunday morning, but she slept decent Sunday night.  Today, she's congested.  You can feel the congestion when she breathes :(  I want my poor girl healthy again!

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