Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Sick of the sickness...

It’s been a month now since everyone in the house has been generally healthy and it’s starting to wear on me.  Back on July 1st Lillian had a high fever and just didn’t feel good, on the second the spots in her mouth appeared and she was diagnosed with Hand.Foot.Mouth. 

On the 6th I started feeling like crap and continued to have a sore throat, cough and loss of voice for the next 5 days.  

On the 14th Laney came down with what I think was my cold.  After a week of her coughing and news of a whooping cough outbreak in the area, I took her to the doctor.  4 days of antibiotics and she was doing better. 

We had 2 days of a “healthy” family (B had a little cough but nothing major).  Then all of a sudden Friday morning Lillian woke up with a horrific cough, sore throat and barely a voice.  Saturday I took her to Urgent Care (UC) since our Doctor’s office wasn’t open.  But before we got there she had peed her pants 4 times and even ran to the bathroom to go again while she was changing her clothes from one of her accidents “it hurts to pee mommy”.  Great!  She went to the bathroom right before we left and by the time we got there she had to go again, it was maybe 15 minutes.

So rather than just putting down, cough and sore throat, I added possible Urinary Tract Infection (UTI).  The admitting nurse looked at me like I was crazy and asked what made me think that.  So I explained the morning and she acted as if she was going to blow it off as her just not feeling well, but she did suggest that I ask the UC receptionist for a pee hat because they’d probably test her urine.  Lillian was going to the bathroom every 10-15 minutes while we waited.  I never realized what a work out I could get by trying to hold Laney and help Lillian go to the bathroom.  

We had a very nice doctor who seemed to share my beliefs in not giving medication unless it’s absolutely necessary.  She was diagnosed with croup (again) and mommy was right, a UTI.  So she did end up with antibiotics for that.  Today (3 days later) she still refuses to take cough medicine and I can’t seem to get the mucus out of her chest so she coughs and coughs.  Of course she likes taking the antibiotic though so that’s good.

As that was going on, B managed to get a hernia and the next morning his knee was swollen and sore again.  He tried working yesterday, but he was in a lot of pain when he got home last night so today he will be making a trip to the Urgent Care.

Plus Delaney has been having more spit up and crying episodes again.  At first they seemed to be generally at night so I just chalked it up to a typical infant fussy time.  Well, then the sitter called and said she was acting strange there (apparently she’d never done the back arching, no you can’t sit crying fit) there (that was back on the 13th).  Then yesterday, T, Lillian’s sitter was watching her and said she hadn’t really been sleeping, she was fussy all day and it was the worst after eating.  She was also still spitting up 2.5 hours after eating and doing her arching of the back.  So this after noon we are off to the Doctor again…

I’m getting worn out, I don’t know if I can take much more whining and crying…

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