Wednesday, July 18, 2012

The Last Few Weeks... In Pictures!

The last few weeks have been quite busy so I'm basically doing a picture dump from my phone...
A quick rundown:
7/2 - Called in to work, took Lillian to urgent care, diagnosed with Hand foot mouth disease
      - Aunt Pocca's Birthday, Uncle Harry arrived, Had birthday dinner with the family.
7/3 - Worked, was supposed to go to Mom's camp, but didn't since Lillian was sick
7/4 - Decided to go to Mom's camp, even with Lillian, she had been fever and meds free for over 24 hours, sores healing and using sanitizer every 10 minutes.
7/5 - Spent day with family and came home to work the next day
7/6 - Worked til 1.  Felt like crap, went home and packed for our weeks vacation
7/7 - Felt worse, finished packing, went to Wal.mart for essentials, left for vacation
7/14 - Came home to a hot muggy house and besides work I've pretty much spent all my time in my air conditioned bedroom since we got home!

Lillian came down with Hand Foot Mouth Disease...

My Uncle Harry came to visit from Florida...
Lillian helping Uncle Harry make Lasagna, she did great!
Delaney loved Uncle Harry, he got lots of practice
for his grandson that is expected in 12 short weeks!
 My Uncle Tommy and cousin Alex came to visit...
Meeting Delaney for the first time
Lilli and her "boy"  She's been in love with Alex since Thanksgiving
according to her he even has a room at my mom's where he stayed last time.
Napping while the adults played corn hole
 We stayed in a cabin at a campground for a week with 2 other families.
Lilli and Kia get buried in the sand
Lilli and Daddy make a castle
 Lillian spent maybe 5 minutes in the water, the rest of the time was spent playing in the sand.

Laney refuses to nap at the beach
Morning cuddles, they love each other <3
Spending time with Daddy
So tired she couldn't hold her eyes open, but refused to lay down.
If I didn't know better I would have said she was drunk!
Daddy taught Lillian to fish
Lillian caught her first fish just minutes after telling daddy
"I can do it myself, I don't need your help!"

Mommy and sissy watching Lilli fish...
I'm glad to now be home to relax!  My house is a disaster, but I'm in no rush to get things in order, it's been to hot and muggy in my house to even care.

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