Thursday, August 16, 2012

Life Happens

Life always seems to just be passing by.  I'm constantly trying to remind myself to slow down and take it all in cause you will never get these days back!  I mean look at this, my baby girl can sit now!

After Lillian spending the night at T's on Tuesday I was so excited to come home and hear all about it last night.  That last all of about 30 minutes.  She started whining, she wanted this and that and no daddy couldn't get it.  I did half enjoy her trying to do the Jillian work out with me though.  Her being so proud of herself for doing something and wanting to be active with mommy is great.  Her running and jumping and wanting me to watch and comment while I'm trying to work out, not so great.

Dinner was one argument after another.  Some she started, some B started, they both go spoken to a few times.  After dinner we played on the floor with Sissy, this was great...

Until she wanted to hang all over my back and I asked her not to.  Then it was fine sit in you lap which would last 30 seconds before she needed to get up and do this, sit back down for 30 second get up and do that.  I was happy when it was time for baths!

Bed time wasn't so great, except Laney putting herself to sleep on my bed while I tried to take care of a few things.  Then it was a fight to get Lillian to put her pull up on.  She tried insisting on a diaper, threw a fit.  Kicking the legs and all while on the bed her sister was sleeping on.  If I had, had the strength I would have picked her right up and taken her to her room.  After finally getting her to lay down she wouldn't lay still or keep her mouth quiet.  Then she wanted me to lay with her.  I really didn't want to, she was driving me nuts, I needed 5 minutes to recoup from the last "fight".  But then I looked over to her and saw her sad, but accepting face.  I let her lay for a minute because she needs to know her behavior wasn't acceptable and you don't get the things you want when you misbehave, but then I went and laid with her and we talked about how she needs to work on her attitude.  I'm so glad I went and laid with her...

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