Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Not Helping

Apparently I need to post about poop more often.  Every time I do, Laney goes!  Well really she didn't go much, just little bit a few more times.  I think it's the water that's helping her go, but it isn't helping her feel any better :-(  Last night was another night of comfortableness for her.  She didn't even want to nurse when she went to bed like normal.

We went up to MIL's to get her some "new" toys to play with.  You know all the crap great stuff I saved from when Lilli was small. She loved them all!

I'm thinking tonight we might make up some peas or green beans to try.  I think I might also skip cereal for now unless I need it to thicken up some of her other food.

I'm really not sure why more people don't make their own baby food.  Lillian never ate anything out of a jar. I always just steamed or baked fruits and veggies and pureed them.  And as she got older I just put our dinners in the blender.  It is definitely WAY cheaper than buying.  With most veggies you can get fresh or frozen for $2.  It normally makes at least 6oz depending on the veggie.  Maybe I will share some of that stuff with my lovely peeps.

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