Friday, June 13, 2008

The Beginning...

Brian and I were married on August 17th, 2007 after dating for 4 years. Our honeymoon wasn't until August and while we gone I took my last birthcontrol pill. Not on purpose, but I ran out because I couldn't get an appointment before we left to get more. So by the time I was able to order my pill my period was 3 days late and we figured we managed to get pregnant the first time. Cause lets face it, everything we are taught in school tells us that if you have sex without protection you are going to get pregnant. Well after AF being 5 days late we were disappointed. That was when we decided it was time to have kids. We officially started trying at the end of October, and on December 17th, on only our second cycle trying we found out we were expecting. We were so excited and waited a week to tell our family and friends. It was great, we wrapped up presents and gave them to them and it will always be the best Christmas I've ever had. Yes even after I have children it will be the best. It's not very often you can give the gift of a grandchild to your parents for Christmas. A few weeks later, on Jan. 8th I started spotting. We went and had an ultrasound and the baby was measuring a week behind and only had a hear rate of 74bpm. The doctor scheduled another ultrasound for Thursday and during that one they could no longer find a heartbeat. This didn't surprise me because I had started cramping and I just had that feeling. On Saturday the 12th I had a DnC. We are now on our 5th cycle trying since the miscarriage and I'm getting frustrated. Why did it only take 2 tries the first time and now we are on 5?

Before our wedding I managed to lose 20lbs and I was feeling great about myself. Well since the miscarriage I've gained it all back and I'm back trying to lose weight again. It hasn't been going too well though. I'm eating way more fruits and veggies, but the weight isn't come off. I need to start exercising again, but with just getting over mono (for the 3rd time) I haven't started that back up again.

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