Thursday, June 21, 2012

Rolling With It

I've just been going along with whatever comes at me the last few days.  It's been hot and miserable and I just haven't felt like "dealing" with anything.  I've been tired.

Tuesday night was the Chase Corporate Challenge.  The same race I blogged about a year ago.  Oddly enough it was just one week later that I found out I was pregnant.  I was pretty excited to compare my times from being barely pregnant to being 15 weeks postpartum.

Again this year I was disappointed with having to walk before I ever made the one mile marker, but this year the heat and humidity was unbearable.  When I reached the one mile marker I realized that it was also the turn around point.  They decided to make the race a "Run For Fun" and shorten it to only 2 miles.  This also meant that they didn't time it.  Thankfully I was still wearing my heart monitor and Nike Sports band.  According to the sports band, which I forgot to turn off right away, it took me 28:09 to finish the 2 miles.  So knowing that I actually grabbed some water and walked back to my mother who was waiting, it probably took me somewhere between 26 and 27 minutes to finish 2 miles.  While this is not stellar and something I certainly want to improve, I am proud.  I normally run at 4am, before any other physical activity to speak of and it's a good 30 degrees cooler than it was during the run, without the (according to the weather man) oppressive humidity.

And now for the real topic of Rolling with it.  My baby girl Delaney Rose started rolling over last week!  I've been meaning to post about it, but put it off cause I wanted to include the video I got, but it appears I may never post about it if I wait until I get a moment to do that!  So at only 14 weeks and 2 days old she rolled from her BACK to FRONT.  By Tuesday she had figured out how to get that second arm out from under her and by Saturday at only 15 weeks old she rolled across our King Size bed!  Now thankfully at this point she is only using rolling as a mechanism to get comfortable, I'm hoping it's a while before she realizes it can get her to things she wants to reach and grab for.  Which she is doing.  And I'm pretty sure she has good depth perception cause she only reaches for the things she knows she can reach, otherwise she just sits and watches.  My baby girl is getting too big too quick!

Waiting for Mommy to cool down after the run.

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