Monday, June 4, 2012

Delaney is 3 Months!

My baby girl is growing up so fast!  I can’t believe she is 3 months old already!!! My pregnancy sure didn’t seem to go this fast!  Delaney amazes me every day.  She gets more and more smiley and coos all the time.  She is constantly looking around and taking everything in.  She adores her big sister, who can’t seem to leave her alone either.

Delaney’s 2 Month Stats (measured by me):
Height: 25.5”
Weight: 14lb 6oz
She’s back on the charts for weight at 92% but still above 95% on height.  Yesterday I went to my MIL’s and sorted out the rest of the clothes we have stored in her basement because Laney was quickly running out of pants and one piece outfits.  I started to get nervous, but I finally found all the 3-6 month stuff in the last few boxes I opened.  *hint for new mom’s, save the diaper boxes and put them in the closet to just toss clothes into as your little one grows out of them.  When you start a new box write the size on it and then when it’s full, write the last size on it.  Saves from having to go through it all again later.

Hopefully we will be set for a while, although I was disappointed to find that she has already out grown 2 of the out fits when I went to get her ready for bed last night.  I also grabbed the bumbo and she seemed to enjoy it!

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  1. She's the same height as Oliver who is 7 months old! But he weighs 2 or 3 lbs more. She is tall and he is a short and chubby!


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