Friday, June 8, 2012


I'm not really sure what to blog about right now.  My life seems kind of boring with nothing too post worthy.  Either that or my brain is fried cause I'm tired, not really sure which.

Delaney has become very vocal and I love it.  She wakes up cooing and goes to bed cooing.  And she's pretty much always smiling.  She acts like she's playing peek-a-boo when she's in her car seat.  Once she gets a hold of her blanket she pulls it up over her face and when she puts it back down and sees you she gets all smiley.  Of course she isn't pulling it up and down on purpose, but the reaction is the same as if she was.

Lillian has been, well, Lillian.  When she isn't being mouthy, throwing a fit or begging for something I told her she can't have, she's a great, funny, happy little girl that I love to spend time with.  I love when I randomly find her singing to her little sister.  Or when she starts playing with her "friends" in the bath tub.  The other night they were all in the van going on a trip to town.  Have you ever seen Drop Dead Fred?

For some reason I picture this being Lillian in 25 years!  I'm sure she's perfectly normal since she doesn't blame things on her "friends" and all her "friends" have the same names as kids she knows for real, but she's always playing with them.  

Oh and because most of us forget to blog about it, B has been wonderful!  He's really started to help out more with his own chores and even does some of mine if he is home during the day (which he has been because he was laid off, again).  And one time when I thanked him he said "no need to thank me, I should do it anyway."  I about fainted!

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