Friday, December 23, 2011

This Christmas

I have a feeling this Christmas is going to be one for the books...

First Lillian is totally getting the Santa concept.  She even went up to him at the mall and told him she has been a good girl and wanted toys for Christmas.  Nothing specific, just toys (good for me right?).  This morning on the way to the sitter she was telling me "Santa will bring me toys and I will go to bed like a good girl.  Then I can open the presents when you say I can."  I have been very impressed with her minimal fits about not being able to open the gifts under the tree.

This Christmas could also bring on temper tantrums and fits of epic proportions.  On Christmas eve the plan is for Lillian to wrap her binkies in a gift bag and leave them for Santa to take back to the "Pole" in exchange for her presents.  I'm actually kind of liking the idea of Lillian giving Santa a present every year.

Anyway, right now she uses 2 binkies, one in her
mouth and the other she rubs on her face, to fall asleep.  Of course this is only at night because during the day she doesn't have binkies at the sitter's.   What I'm worried about is Christmas night when the excitement of presents is gone and she is going to bed with no binkies.  What I did was get a Pooh stuffed animal and I sewed part of a binkie nipple to each of his hands.  At least this way she can still have something to rub on her face and I figure eventually she will give that up.  I don't mind a ratty stuffed animal as much as I do a binkie hanging out of her mouth.  I don't plan on giving this to her unless there is melt down on Christmas night though.  If there isn't and we can get away with nothing, I will remove the binkies and give her the Pooh bear when her baby sister arrives.

Speaking of her baby sister... less than 75 days left!!!  Oh and my MIL casually mentioned at bowling last night that she thinks she wants to throw me a shower at the end of January.  This has me rather excited.  After not having the gender reveal party I was disappointed to not be having a shower, but I'm not one to throw one for myself or ask some one else to do it for me.  I guess we'll see what happens.

Hope everyone has a great Holiday!

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  1. That was smart to sew the binkie nipple on to poohs hands! :) I hope all went well with the giving of the binkies, and that you all had a wonderful Christmas!


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