Monday, September 27, 2010

The Will of a 17 Month Old

My daughter has some serious will power.  Really not surprising considering her parents.

Potty training is, well it's going.  In the beginning she was doing great!  Now she has learned that if she holds it til nap time she'll get a pull-up on and can go in that rather than the potty.  Very frustrating, but I can't MAKE her go on the potty.  She will adamantly tell me no she didn't pee her pants as I'm looking at her with soaked legs.  But if she has a pull-up on she will run right over to me and ask for a new pull-up.  In the morning she refuses to even sit on the potty.  So I ask her "do you want to wear diapers again."  And the answer is always "No." and she sits down.  So I'm pretty sure she knows what I'm thinking about, but wants to make sure she does things on her own terms.

I have tossed around several thoughts about how to move forward as she didn't go in the potty at all this weekend.  My one thought is to not put a pull-up on her for naps and just make sure she sleeps on a protected surface.  The problem with this is asking the sitter the comply.  Obviously there would need to be a sheet or something that would need to be washed after nap time.

My second thought is to just go back to diapers for a week or two and try again then.

And of course not 5 minutes after discussing this with the sitter, Lillian gets up from her nap and uses the potty.  I really think she knows when she's driving me insane!

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  1. I just re-found you! Somehow you were lost from my reader, but I just found you again! Now I need to go catch up :)


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