Tuesday, September 14, 2010

It's Not That Hard!

Ok I have to give my husband credit, he has been "trying", but why do men seem to think having a child in tow is a handicap. 

A few examples:

Last Week:
B bowls on Tuesday, I stay home with Lillian, I bowl on Thursdays, he stays home.  Well he gets a ride and I have to drive myself.  Well on Thursday B had a rain day for most of the day at work so he was home.  I got home at 4:45 and needed to around 5:45 because I had to be there by 6.  This was our conversation:
B: "what did you pick up for dinner?" 
Me: Nothing, there is chicken, broccoli, cheese and noodles in the fridge.
B: Well what time do you have to leave I need to go get something for dinner
*Keep in mind it's at least 10 minutes to the nearest place to get ANY food*
Me: I need to leave by 5:45, there is stuff in the fridge to cook
B: I won't be able to cook
Me:  Would you like me to go cook?
B: I guess if you want to...

No I didn't want to but I did because I didn't see any point in driving back to town, back home and then back to town and back again for bowling.  We can't afford the gas.  Not to mention he was home all afternoon if he wanted me to get dinner why didn't call me?!

Last Night:
So last night we are at the store to get a few things including B's hunting license.  Well Lillian didn't want to be in the cart and only wanted to be held by daddy.  There was no one at the sporting goods counter so I said to B "I'll go over to the children's clothes while you wait."  Well Lillian didn't want to go with me so he says "Well I'll just go with you and come back."  I said "My point was to not waste time with both of us standing here waiting.  Why can't you just do it with her."  You know what he said, "Well I'm gonna have to sign something and get into my wallet."  Yup that was his excuse!  Good thing I've never asked him to take her to the doctor or he's never had go shopping alone with her cause OMG what would he do if she was there??? 

I just really don't get it, how does he think I get anything done???

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