Tuesday, April 7, 2009

L&D: Act 1

Well yesterday was our first trip to L&D.

I knew she wasn't coming last night, but I also knew I had to do something about the contractions. They started around 9 am and got more frequent throughout the day. I have no idea why they wanted to stop them, I plan on asking my mw on Thursday. Turns out anyway that they weren't causing me to dilate so it's not a big deal that they stopped them. I'd been having them all day but I guess I'm still closed. She also said my cervix is very high. I think its time to start with the EPO.

So they gave me a shot of Trimodal I think it was. And I hated it!!! It made me all shaking for like 2 hours. Let me tell you it was hard texting with the damn touch screen phone. So the shot slowed them down to 4-6 minutes rather than 3 minutes. The nurse came in and said I still had keytones in my urine (not sure what they are yet) so they needed to give me another bag of fluids (I already had 1) so that was half done and I had to pee so she tested for keytones again. They went down a little. They let me eat and changed me to a different bag of fluids with more sugar in them. Apparently that helped cause after 2.5 bags of fluid, a tuna sandwich, and some pudding the keytones were gone and I hadn't had a contraction in a half hour.

Apparently I need to drink more water. So today my goal is to drink 20oz every 2 hours. Sounds doable right? Way harder than I thought, and guess what, the contractions started again at 8:30. I hope I can get enough water in to get them to stop on their own.


  1. Drinking that much water when you are pregnant is very hard. Good Luck.

    Wishing you the best, as you go day by day waiting for this little one to arrive.

  2. Drinking water is hard, but SO important. Also try, when your contracting, to stop whatever you're doing and see if they slow down. I know that may be difficult at work, but see if ya can pull it off. Yeah the labor stopping drugs are horrible! As are the medications they give you to counteract the side effects of the labor stopping drugs. It's frustrating. But anything to keep that precious baby healthy, right? Hope you have a better day today and feel good!

  3. EESH mama. Sounds like you've been busy. Hope you can keep the contractions at bay..otherwise you may have an Easter baby!

    thinking of you...


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