Thursday, October 13, 2011


In an effort to get myself out of this depression slump this week I've been trying to be productive.  When I get home at night, as much as I just want to go sit on the couch and relax, I have refrained from even sitting.  I sit all day at work, sitting isn't going to make me feel any better. 

Instead this week my nights have generally started off with doing some dishes and then starting dinner.  But in addition to just that, Lilli and I made apple crisp on Monday, Chocolate covered apple slices on Tuesday and yesterday we made the cake for my cake balls and put together the lasagna that is for dinner tonight.

And while my kitchen doesn't look like I've washed a single dish all week, I'm feeling good about the fact that I proved B wrong when he said all our apples would end up going bad, and that I actually followed through on my plan to make a lasagna and not have to wait until 8pm for dinner to eat it!

I also love that Lilli and I have been doing these things together.  She loves to help me cook apparently and I've tried to incorporate learning into it too.  We count the number of times we have to pour the ingredients in and we talk about what colors things are and what they taste and feel like.  Some times her impatience gets to me, but a quick "if you want to help mommy you have to listen" gets her back on track.  She'll then say "OK, I can just hold it" or something like that because normally she's anxious to start dumping things before I'm ready or it's measured.  Last night the big problem was that she had to stop stirring so that I could put the cake batter in the pan to bake it. 

I'm so excited for these cake balls.  Since I'm not using them for the gender reveal like originally planned, I decided to go with strawberry cake under the chocolate coating. 

Don't forget, the gender poll ends at 9:30 tomorrow morning, along with your chance to win a free crocheted hat!  You HAVE to leave a COMMENT along with your vote for me to be able to enter your name into the drawing.  Right now the poll has 7 votes, but I only have 5 names (Jenn, Sunny, Patch Hats, Tory and Joy).  If you are one of the other 2 that has already voted but didn't leave a comment please do so I can get you in the drawing!!!

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