Wednesday, October 19, 2011

The Halfway Point

I sincerely apologize for it taking so long to get to this post.  The last part of the first half of this pregnancy was not a very happy one.  No worries, everything is fine with the baby!  I got my flu shot and confessed about my depression to the midwife.  She has offered a medication that has been tested to be safe in the second trimester, but depending on the doctor they may suggest discontinuing use in the last month of pregnancy to prevent the baby from having any withdrawal symptoms.  She said she would leave the decision up to me if I want to go on it and if in the last month I would want to continue use or not.  The withdrawal doesn't last long, but can cause feeding issues.  I'm still up in the air on how I feel about the whole thing.

My cake balls turned out awesome!  Probably not the prettiest ones, but they sure were yummy!  Strawberry cake with cream cheese frosting and coated with chocolate.  Like heaven in your mouth!

My girls get away was ok.  I was the only one who stayed up past 9, I couldn't eat much and felt sick half the night, but it was nice to relax and not feel like I was being pulled in a million directions.

Sunday Lilli and I spent the afternoon with my sister AKA Pocca.

Sunday night when I went to bed my shoulder was very achy.  I thought that the ache from the flu shot had gone, but I just chalked the pain up to that.  By morning both shoulders my neck and chest were sore and taking deep breaths hurt.  I got up and got ready for work anyway.  I had a supplier coming in that I'm working on a major project with.  By the time I got to my desk I was no longer hoping I could make it, I was sending and email to my boss with all the information he was going to need to run the meeting in my place.  By the time I got home again it hurt just to breath.  And trying to lay down in bed was some of the worst pain I think I have experienced since giving birth.  I slept ALL day.  Yesterday I stayed home again, the pain wasn't as bad, but I knew if I pushed it I wasn't going to get any better.

Also Sunday night as B and I lay in bed, just dozing off, the phone rings.  Everyone knows not to call our house past 8pm. I knew it had to either be a drunk buddy of his or something important.  Considering the person it was we decided to let the machine pick it up.  The message left was just "B, it's T, get a hold of me."  Not odd for the person, just the hour.  5 minutes later the phone rang again, same person.  I decided to let B decide if he wanted to answer it.  He didn't, I found out later he already knew what the message was going to be, but it was "B, it's T again, I'm in Roc with L and they are taking J off his machine."

T is B's cousin and L & J are brothers that have been their friends since childhood.  B actually lived with L & J and their family for a few years growing up.

Turns out he was expecting this call because my FIL had been told by J's mom that they were seeing no brain activity for a while.  J had a rough life, in his early 20s he was diagnosed with brain tumors that wouldn't go away.  This was about 8 years ago, just after B and I met.  May he rest in peace pain free.

Now on to what you are actually reading this post for...

It's a... Girl!

Since there were only 5 votes (that I knew who voted) I decided to enter everyone in the drawing.  Turns out it was a girl vote that won anyway.  Congratulations to Joy!
Send me an email at to talk about your prize!  And if any of the other voters would like a discount on a hat feel free to email me there too!

Well, I think this is long enough for now, I better get some work done!

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  1. I am so sorry about your recent loss. My thoughts go out to yall! However.. CONGRATS on finding out you are having a little girl! :) That is exciting!!


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