Monday, January 25, 2010

9 Months

I can't believe my little girl turned 9 months old on Saturday.  In just 3 short months she is going to be a year old!!!  But I will say she is absolutely amazing. 

Her stats:
18 lb 5oz
27 3/4 inches

She crawls very well now, but only to get to things she wants.  It isn't one of those things where we can "chase" after her or anything.  She'd rather be standing any time, but not in her walker or jummer, or exersaucer, but at the coffee table (aka a rubbermaid tub with a bunch of her toys in it) or at the couch or holding on to you. 

Her learning to stand in her crib has made letting her cry it out even harder.  Before she would sit there and cry and eventually just lay down, now she stands there FOREVER!

For the first time ever B and I spent 48 hours without her.  Tuesday morning last week I took her to the sitter at 7am, by noon I felt horrible so I went home, called the dr and went to bed.  I called my mom at 3 and asked her to pick Lillian up and keep her for the night because I couldn't physically take care of Lillian and B had bowling and wouldn't be home til late.  Dr. said I had the flu so mom took Lillian to the sitter Wednesday and the plan was for B to pick her up that afternoon, but he came down with the flu too so once again I called mom and had her take Lillian for the night.  Finally at 4 on Thursday I went and picked up my little girl.  I cried so hard when I made the decision to leave her at my mom's for the second night, but in the end it was for the best as she seems to have escaped the flu!

*For those of you wondering, I did get the flu shot and the Dr. said that it was a different strand that I got.  Lillian did not get ther flu shot, but even if she had it wouldn't have mattered because of the strand that it was.  But thankfully she seems to have evaded it!

So does any one have any ideas for 1st birthday parties.  I figure if I start planning now I may be able to not feel so stressed about it.

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