Friday, April 20, 2012

Where to Start?

There has been so much I want to blog about lately and I'm sure most of it will never get up here.  I was going to do a week by week of Delaney's first 7 weeks, but it's looking like that might be done in pictures instead.  The highlights are:
  • At 2.5 weeks she was diagnosed with reflux.  I tried taking dairy out of my diet for a week and it didn't help.  The poor girl was screaming, spitting up and obviously in pain after every feeding.
  • At the reflux apt, 2 weeks after her first apt, she had gained a pound and a half!
  • She was put on Zantac
  • We had to start feeding her every 2-3 hours so that she didn't over eat, had to change her BEFORE every feeding and pretty much keep her sitting up at all times.  Oh and let her sleep on her belly whenever possible.
Just over the last few weeks has her reflux been getting better.  At her 1 month appointment she had gained 3lbs and grown an inch!  Although she still spits up frequently, due to her weight gain the doctor isn't all that worried about it, I have a big girl!

She started at the sitter this week as I returned to work and it's been a rough week for me.  She is doing well though.  She started the week by extending her sleeping time to 5 hours before waking to eat and didn't have too much trouble with gas.  Last night she surprised the heck out of me by sleeping all night!!! 8pm to after 5am!!! Boy were my girls sore this morning!

Pumping is going rather well.  At the beginning of last week I started pumping off one side while she ate off the other and right now I'm averaging about 4-6oz more than what she is eating in a day.  That's a whole extra bottle and at least one feeding!  At the sitters she's drinking 4 - 4oz bottles but its over 6-8 feedings.

Lillian meets Baby Sister

Ready to go home

How we started every morning for 6 weeks!

She loves Baby Sister

1.5 weeks old

She wants to "play" with her all the time!

Delaney meets Mimi (my grandma)

Delaney meets PopPop (my grandpa)

Grandma and Delaney on Easter

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