Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Way Over Due!

Yes I know I'm behind, but I'm now a busy mommy! I really can't believe my little girl is 5 months old, she's growing so fast!

This months stats:
Length: 26in (78% - 5.5 inches from birth)
Wieght: 16lbs (90% - up 7lb 12oz from birth)

She had rice cereal for the first time this month, she hates it, it's too plain.

Lilly started a new sitter this month and she loves it there! There are 2 little boys there with her, 8 months and 2 year and she just adores them!

Lilly watched her first football game, as you can see in some of the pictures, the Bills upset her as much as they do the rest of us.

She also spent her first night away from mommy and daddy. I would definitely say it was harder on me than it was on her.

I think that's about it for this month, my little girl is slowing growing up...Here are some of my favorite pics...

No One had told her the score yet...

Droolin Fool...

My Sick Little girl

She's a ham for the camera

I may be bias but I think she's addorable.  I'm not big on kittens but I love this outfit.


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