Friday, March 2, 2012

Thoughts on Membrane Stripping/Sweeping

Not that there isn't already a million places on the internet to find information and opinions on membrane stripping.  I thought I'd share my experience and thoughts on it anyway.

As I mentioned in my last post it didn't really hurt besides the pressure of being checked.  Of course being dilated to 3 probably helps.  I would guess if you are only at 1 it would be more painful.

My cramping has continued off and on since having it done, almost 48 hours ago now.  I was cramping before, but probably not as frequently, its not something I was really keeping track of.

As for contractions, I haven't had any "Real" ones.  As in the ones that start in your back and work their way around your belly until the whole thing is contracted.  What I have had is some that start in my back, go around my hips and only part way up my belly.  Which is more "real" than the ones I was having before the stripping that all started in the front.

I do believe the the stripping is what caused me to lose my mucus plug.  This never happened with Lillian and I had no idea what to expect, but when it happens, its hard to miss.  The first part came and I was like "wow, that quite the glob, but not as gross as I had expected."  Well then more came out a 2nd and 3rd time over the last 24 hours and I realized how gross that really would have been had it all came out at once.

I did call the midwife this morning because I had some red blood streaks, but she said it's normal and as long as it's not a flow I'm fine.

I've got everything but my legs crossed that things will really start progressing now!

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